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About us

EnvokeIT is a consulting company with operations in Sweden and Poland.

We dare to say that we are one of the best at helping our customers to migrate to and work in the cloud. We back up this statement with a number of successful projects and that our employees are certified in the required areas.

Our mission is to help you get even better at what you do, and to help your company use technology more efficiently. Your technical solution should match your current business needs. We have a proven process for introducing the cloud and all that follows. Our customers reach their goals faster and with a larger return on investment (ROI).



We are experts and drive digitalisation towards mobile working methods, cloud services and virtualization.


We offer qualified consulting services in our areas: change managers, project managers, IT technicians, IT architects, delivery managers, developers.


With almost 15 years experience in the market, we are one of the leading IT consulting companies in Sweden.

About us

We are your experienced IT partner.

EnvokeIT is a leading IT consulting company with specialists in cloud services, digitization and development. We help our customers with the right strategy and technology choice to maximize the benefits of IT in the business. We have worked with IT for almost 15 years and helped both large and small companies to make the IT environment become a working tool that makes it easier to achieve the business goals. Today we are 30 consultants in Stockholm and as many in our business in Kraków, Poland

Experienced consultans in Sweden and Poland

We are highly certified in our areas. Our consultants are specialists, regardless of whether they are Project Managers, Change Leaders, Systems Engineers, Test Managers, Architects or Application Specialists. We have successfully helped a lot of Sweden’s leading companies in the trade, technology, production and finance industry.

We want to be the best in the Nordic countries to help our customers migrate to and work in the cloud, we back this statement through a variety of successful projects and our extremely competent and committed employees. Our mission is to make you better at what you do and get your company to use IT effectively. Our philosophy is that technical aids should enable our customers to focus more effectively on their core business. We have proven processes for the introduction of service and for what comes after. Our customers reach their goals faster and get a good return on investment (ROI).

What we do

We deliver efficient IT services that provide powerful tools for our customers to achieve competitive advantages through the use of technological innovation.

We know that all companies out there are unique and have different needs. Our experts will carefully evaluate these needs and provide the solutions that best suit them.

We are happy to help find the right strategy for your digitization trip in order to achieve your IT and business goals. Please let us know what your challenges are, so we can tell you more.