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Analysis and Statistics

Experience your Fortnox data, any way, anywhere

MyBI acts as an interface between Microsoft Power BI and Fortnox, this end-to-end service provides you with capabilities to simply visualize your financial data. You can easily create Power BI reports and dashboard for yourself or share with other stakeholders and colleagues, develop your own key performance indicators, reports and graphs. It is also easy to transfer the data to Excel spreadsheets.

News: In short you will be able to connect to Visma eEkonomi in the same way.

MyBI together with Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that enables:

  • build your own business reports
  • fast and easy access to your data
  • a live 360º view of your business
  • data discovery and exploration
  • insights from any device
  • collaboration across your organization
  • anyone to visualize and analyze data

In addition to the standard Fortnox data model MyBI includes built-in views that make it easier for you to create reports and dashboards. MyBI also provides some sample reports such as:

  • account type
  • main account group
  • account group as the basic chart of accounts.

These reports can easily be modified to match how your business requirements.

  • From 199Sek/month per database (org.nr) in Fortnox – if you are an a accounting firm contact us for price.
  • 59Sek/month additional for Fortnox integration licens (unlimited integrations).

PowerBI is in its simpliest version free off charge together with Ofice 365. Integration with Excel and PowerBI makes it easy to twist and turn your data.

We use Fortnox API to transfer data to PowerBI making data easy to manipulate and easy to make creative reports.

30-day free trial – start visualizing your business today. Sign up to give it a try!

Power BI – MyBI – Fortnox

Quickly and easily visualize your Fortnox data, including projects, cost centers, etc., it also support broken fiscal years. Access and consume it from any device and share your reports with your stakeholders!

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